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Our GardenView Conservatory has had a makeover...

3rd April 2017

In preparation for cooler weather ahead our indoor relaxation room has been refurnished with Urbani lounges and an indoor garden. When the weather is no longer suitable for relaxing in our gorgeous gardens after your treatment, you’ll love relaxing in our inviting, new-look GardenView Conservatory.

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Do You Really Want That On Your Skin?

8th August 2016

Plenty of "beauty" products promise incredible results and flawless features, but how much do we know about what goes into these products.

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Aromatherapy - How Your Sense of Smell Affects Wellness

12th July 2016

Did you know that your sense of smell can affect your wellness, or rather, the aromas you experience can affect your wellness?

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Overcoming Self-Consciousness for First Time Massages

13th June 2016

You may feel self-conscious about having your first massage, but the team at Onyesha will ensure you feel totally relaxed so you can enjoy our spa treatments.

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Benefits of Nature for the Healing Process

16th May 2016

Our day spa is located in a serene garden setting. Not only does nature lift your mood, it's also known for its healing abilities. Read on to find out more.

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Couples Massages

12th May 2016

Who better to enjoy this relaxing and uplifting experience than with your partner? Find out about our couples massages at Onyesha.

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Five Ways to Manage Stress

6th April 2016

The Onyesha Spa team offers five great ways to destress your life. Find out what these are.

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Why Onyesha Uses Only Om Veda

10th March 2016

We are passionate about quality skincare products at our day spa and use only Om Veda, an Ayurvedic range that contains natural organic essences and oils.

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Massages: We Don't Just Want Them, We Need Them

19th February 2016

Massages are much more than just pampering treatments, they're an effective wellbeing treatment essential for both mind and body.

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Exfoliation: The Key to Healthy Looking Skin

18th February 2016

At Onyesha Spa, exfoliation is considered key to keeping your skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant. Read more about the benefits of exfoliation.

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