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Benefits of Nature for the Healing Process

16th May 2016

There is nothing more clarifying and gratifying than spending time in nature. Whether you’re watching the calming break of the ocean’s waves, feeling the crisp mountain air on your skin, or inhaling the fresh scent of a green forest, the powerful effects nature has on our mind and body are undeniable.

That’s why Onyesha Spa offers a range of spa packages in a serene, natural setting of beautiful gardens, lakes and waterfalls. Nature nurtures, whether you find yourself in one of our luxurious natural indoor or outdoor treatment rooms or relaxation areas, or if you’re enjoying our natural Om Veda skin products.

According to the American Chemical Society’s journal Environmental Science and Technology, you only need as little as five minutes in or around nature per day to benefited from its nurturing effects. Of course, the benefits will be even greater if you have more time and are able to be completely relaxed for longer. Following are more about the benefits that nature can have on the healing process.

Even Looking at Nature is Healing

While it shouldn’t be news to anyone’s ears that spending time in nature has healing qualities, did you know that even looking at scenes of nature through a window can help the healing process, as well? One well known study from 1984 found that patients in hospital who had a window with a view of a natural setting had “shorter postoperative hospital stays, received fewer negative evaluative comments in nurses’ notes, and took fewer potent analgesics…” than patients whose views faced a brick wall. This study proved that even looking at nature sped up the healing process. So just imagine how much more powerful these benefits are when you are experiencing the joys of nature for real!

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Exercising in Nature can Elevate Mood and Increase Self Esteem

It’s called “green exercise” and one study proved that exercising outdoors in natural settings can have significant effects on a person’s mood and self esteem. Mental health patients especially found a dramatic increase in mood. The study also found that the presence of water produced even greater effects in mood elevation. Think how powerful the effects of having a massage or other pampering spa treatment could be when you are relaxing beside a lake or in a garden setting.

Another study by the World Leisure Journal found that increased outdoor recreation led to lower depression levels. The study came about when researchers noticed a correlation between high depression levels and low outdoor recreation time, so it only made sense that getting patients, specifically those 65 years and older, to spend physical time outside would lower their levels of depression.

Nature Provides a “Restorative Experience”

The Attention Restoration Theory dates back as far as 1892. Psychologist William James came up with the idea of “voluntary attention.” In our daily lives, we experience fatigue due to constantly paying attention and devoting our brain energy to tasks, such as studying or reading or working. This causes our brains to be fatigued which leads to more stress in the long run.

One way that we have learned to turn off and restore our attention is through sleep. However, there are other ways to do this. Spa days and massage is great for some people, but simply taking some time to be in nature can be a restorative experience. When you’re in a natural environment such as a forest or at a beach, you experience an effortless fascination with your surroundings. You can practice mindfulness without trying, and you easily absorb the positive energy of your surroundings while your mind is free to wander.

What better way to restore yourself than to enjoy a relaxing spa day in a lovely natural setting?

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