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Couples Massages

12th May 2016

Everybody needs to find a way to wind down from the stresses of daily life. A great way to relax and be at ease is to get a massage, and who better to enjoy this amazing experience with than your partner. Indulging in spa treatments with your partner is a memorable experience that will stay with the two of you long after you’ve worked out the knots in your muscles. In fact, getting a couples’ massage is an amazing sharing experience that will help you bond over mutual relaxation and connect in a meaningful way in a lovely spa setting.

How Does It Work?

When you book a couple’s spa package at Onyesha day spa in Perth, you will be led to a private room where your massage tables are set up next to each other. In summer you may be booked into one of our private outdoor treatment areas. You will each be cared for by a massage therapist who will work on you individually, but at the same time.

Depending on the package you book from our comprehensive spa menu, you can enjoy a range of services, from facial and body treatments, to hand and scalp massages, to wellness treatments and more. Most of the treatments and packages at Onyesha Spa are suitable for couples. Both women and men will enjoy any of our full body massages and facials and we have found that men particularly enjoy our Indian Head Massage.

Consultation with Therapist

At Onyesha Spa Pinelake in Perth, we believe that “Peace begins in the minds of the people.” This is why we take the time to give you and your partner consultations with your individual massage therapists before we begin. This way, you can review the goals of your session, ask whatever questions you might have, and discuss any injuries or sore spots that need extra special care.

It All Begins

Once you have discussed openly what you would like to achieve from your couple’s massage, your therapist will leave the room, giving you both time to disrobe, lie down on your massage tables and cover yourselves with the sheets that are provided.

Once the massage is over, your therapists will leave you to get changed then take you to our Golden Lily Tea Gardens (in warmer weather) or to our indoor Garden View Conservatory in the cooler months. Here you will be offered a range of Herbal Teas and you are welcome to relax and enjoy the views and the peaceful ambience for as long as you like. Cold filtered water is also available and we recommend that you  drink plenty of fluid after a massage to help flush out the toxins that have been released during the massage.

Why Choose a Couple’s Massage?

For many women, a couple’s massage is a great way to introduce their significant other to the world of massage. Some people are shy and not willing to experience the benefits of massage without a bit of help and guidance. With a couples’ massage package, no one has to do it alone, so you can encourage someone who is reluctant to try it out. At Onyesha Spa we often find that men who start out as reluctant participants in massages and facials soon find that they love it!! As a result, more than 30% of our clients are male.

If you’re ready to book a relaxing couples massage in a lush environment, call Onyesha Spa Pinelake in Perth on 08 9306 8335.  Alternatively, purchase a gift voucher online or contact us online.


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