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Overcoming Self-Consciousness for First Time Massages

13th June 2016

It’s common knowledge that there are many physical and mental benefits from getting a massage or other relaxing or detoxifying spa treatments. More and more people are booking appointments for their first time massage, but some find themselves nervous and unsure about what to expect.

We understand that you might be experiencing a range of emotions – from apprehension to self-consciousness – which is why we offer spa packages in Perth that are suitable for a wide range of clients. We understand your concerns and are here to offer a few tips and things to think about that will help you relax so you can truly enjoy the benefits of massage.

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Your Massage Therapist is a Professional

To some people, the idea of partially disrobing and being massaged by a therapist might not seem relaxing. However, please be assured that our massage therapists are experienced professionals who will always ensure that you are respectfully draped with large towels or sarongs, with only the specific area undergoing treatment being exposed.

You will also be required to wear underwear during your treatment and, where necessary, you will be provided with disposable underwear. Your therapist is a qualified professional who has undertaken months of study and practical experience to learn about the human body and how best to apply both therapeutic and relaxing massage techniques.

Talk to Your Therapist about Nervousness

If you are nervous about getting a massage or if it is your first time, please don’t hesitate to tell your therapist this before you begin. Because they are professionals and usually deal with clients who are very enthusiastic about having massages or other Spa treatments, your therapist may not always think that you might be nervous.

Letting your therapist know beforehand will ensure that she clearly explains all procedures and instructions rather than assuming that you already know.

In addition, you should let them know beforehand what your goals are for the session and what has brought you to the Spa so that the therapist can be especially attentive to any aches and pains that you may be experiencing.

No Need to Chat

It may feel awkward being stuck in a room with one other person for upwards of an hour and remaining silent, but you do not need to chat with your massage therapist – in fact it will be much more relaxing to remain quiet and peaceful throughout the treatment. Gentle, relaxing music is played in our indoor treatment rooms to promote tranquillity and serenity. In our outdoor treatment areas, the sounds of nature such as babbling brooks, birdsong and breezes through the trees will enhance peaceful thoughts and feelings.

Try to relax all your muscles so that you are not unconsciously resisting the massage. This is your time to relax. Lose yourself in the feeling of having your body looked after, just as your therapist will lose themselves in the act of healing you.

If you’re ready to enjoying a relaxing spa treatment in our lush environment, call our day spa in Perth on 08 9306 8335. Alternatively purchase a gift voucher online or get in touch by completing our online form.

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