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Onyesha Spa Pinelake's Mission

“Peace begins in the minds of people”

Our mission is to contribute to a more beautiful, more peaceful world by providing professional spa treatments using luxurious natural products that work in harmony with nature to reveal the highest possible levels of inner and outer beauty. By nourishing the skin and nurturing the soul of each of our clients, we aim to achieve a more beautiful, more peaceful, more harmonious world: one client at a time. Our mission may be a grand one but we do believe that we can and do achieve this every day.

Our name and logo

Onyesha is a Swahili word that has meaning at a number of different levels just as the products and therapies used at Onyesha Spa Pinelake do. At the surface level it means "to show, to discover". It can also mean “to reveal, to bring to light” and, at an even deeper, more poetic level, Onyesha has been used to mean “to reveal beauty”.

Our name is our true essence. The name Onyesha, with its different layers of meaning, reflects the way in which our products and therapies work by penetrating not only the deepest layers of the skin but also the deepest layers of the limbic system - the source of moods, emotions and memories. Onyesha products are designed to bring light and reveal beauty at all levels from the outer layers of the skin to the inner layers of the soul.

Our “soaring spirit” logo is a visual interpretation of revealing, discovering and bringing to light the many levels of the body, mind and spirit.

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing the self is enlightenment” Tao Te Ching



  • “What a surprise. An oasis of tranquility. The spa treatments were superb.” Marina, Subiaco

  • “Absolutely spectacular, both the massage and the surrounds. Can't wait to do it again!” Sandra, South Perth

  • “A truly magnificent experience ... There is no other spa in Perth that compares.” Karen, West Leederville